When and Where & How:

The When:

Sunday Worship service begins at 9:30am, followed by a time of fellowship and Sunday School and Bible Study at 11am

The Where:

7803 Main St. Fabius, NY

– Worship Service Format

Our Sunday morning service is “Fabius style” with a combination of upbeat contemporary selections and traditional hymns. The result is a service that honors both the Fabius Baptist Church and the Fabius United Methodist Church – congregations that joined together to become Fabius Christian Church in 2009.

The dress code tends to be casual, but we don’t mind if you come in your Sunday best! Most folks dress for comfort and the weather – after all, this is Central New York!   Each Sunday morning there are a lot of things going on! Pastor Cindy Mapstone arrives around  8:30 to greet people and prepare for worship. The music team takes over the piano area by 9:10 and they review their music selections with gusto and humor. People come in from the front door or through the side entry. Pastor Mapstone begins the service shortly after 9:30 and by the time the music prelude is done, most of us have settled in the pews. We don’t mind stragglers – come on in! There are no assigned seats. Ushers distribute the Sunday bulletin or you can get one from the table at the rear of the sanctuary. We follow the order of worship in the bulletin and are fairly consistent about it.

Service usually lasts about an hour. Sunday School starts around 11 – after we take a break for fellowship before Sunday Schools. We are in the presence of God all the time, but we like to be together on Sunday mornings to celebrate with each other. We sing old standards and learn new favorites – sometimes from our hymnals and sometimes from the projection screen at the front of the church. Jennifer Trexler plays the grand piano and on special occasions, Muriel Partridge plays the organ. The first Sunday of the month we join in the Lord’s Supper-communion. EVERYONE is welcome to join in communion.

If you are looking for a church that offers a home-town feel with some contemporary input, a church where most folks get to know you because they care about their neighbors, a place where you can come as you are and know that you are just as fragile (and broken) as the next person, and a sanctuary where friends and God will hear your prayers and stay with you as you face life’s challenges, this is Fabius Christian Church.

We encourage you to give us a try. As you learn more about us, we hope you will join us for more than just Sunday service.